1. Mavid Q. Finklebottom Esq. My Gnome Rogue.

  2. Pencils for another children’s book gig that I am contractionally obligated not to tell you about. Yay NDAs!


  3. Ferguson from my TL- August 18 (2/3)

  4. maxkirin:

    Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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  5. More D&D stuff! Coloring tomorrow.

  6. In case anyone was curious and wanted to see some process work, here are my thumbnails for Black Hitler issue 2! spilled soup in my bag…

  7. stereoculturesociety:

    CultureHISTORY: The Ferguson Protests - #NMOS14

    In light of Mike Brown’s murder, and the police occupation of Ferguson, something extraordinary is happening. With the help of #BlackTwitter, social media, the spotlight of national attention and the impassioned citizens of Ferguson, a protest movement is taking shape and it is important to bear witness.

    First there was the #IfTheyGunnedMeDown thread which was reported in the NY Times & LA Times, the #DontShoot thread of photos (some above), and tomorrow a National Moment of Silence across the country for the victims of police brutality.  

    Thursday, August 14th#NMOS14 - 4:00P (PT) / 6:00P (CT) / 7:00P (ET). Check cities/location here.

    The issue of police brutality against communities of color is a decades-old problem. But with new technology, everyone has access to more information and these cases are getting more attention. Plus, in the last four weeks, four unarmed black men have been killed by policemen across the country. Along with Mike Brown in St. Louis, Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford in Dayton, OH and Ezell Ford in L.A. Yes, it’s time for a movement.

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  8. unatheblade:


    If there is one picture i post on here that i really wish y’all would reblog the fuck out of, it’s this one.

    PLEASE. It could save many people that are under the ridiculous police state going on right now in Ferguson Missouri. Those people need our help.

    Hug your kids and loved ones tight. Stay safe out there. The world is watching.

  9. Pirate Wolverine Commission 

  10. More D & D sketches…