1. I made this

  2. Sketches for another kids book. They told me the baby looks old, I will rework him…

  3. Page for a project that didn’t go through. You’re welcome

  4. Moar sketches!

  5. Sketches from the recently completed Black Wraith Kickstarter! Wahoo! Team BW GO FORMATION KICKSTARTED. I’ll post more later.

  6. Children’s illustrations!

  7. Never really got the hang of working on a cintiq… here are some practice stuff to get used to it.



  9. Going to *try* to do some sketch a day stuff. I did this while watching Punisher Warzone. I love that movie. Apparently no one else did.

  10. These are the first 5 pages of my blaxplotation/ww2 era comic and Black Hitler and his crazy hijinks while ruling Black Germany. I am posting these to help me find a colorist so I can pitch this book if you know anyone awesome let me know. Or let them know. Make knowing happen.